IcePanel Demo

IcePanel allows easy building, deploying and monitoring of cloud applications. Use the follow instructions to get up and running with a demo version of IcePanel.


Make sure you have the following dependencies installed on your machine.

Ensure you have the latest IcePanel images.

docker pull icepanel/frontend
docker pull icepanel/backend

Clone the IcePanel demo repository onto your local machine and use docker-compose to start it.

git clone
cd ice-demo
docker-compose up -d

Then navigate to http://localhost:4200 to access the IcePanel interface.


  1. Login with the username admin and the password admin.

  2. Create a new project, open the icepanel.yml file and click the designer tab.

  3. Drag and drop your desired plugins from the top right dropdown and connect/configure them as needed.

  4. Navigate back to the code tab and commit your changes and message in the bottom right.

  5. Create a new engine and connect it to your local Docker socket /var/run/docker.sock.

  6. Create an environment and assign it to the engine you just created.

  7. Watch your cloud application deploy and click on the nodes to inspect them.

Known Limitations

  • Only local socket based Docker engines are supported currently.

  • The Kubernetes plugin is included but is still experimental with limited support.