If you haven't already downloaded the IcePanel client you can do so by following the instructions on the IcePanel Demo section.

To quickly get up and running with a plugin development environment you can use our Yoeman generator.

npm install --global yo generator-icepanel
# or
yarn global add yo generator-icepanel

yo icepanel

For examples on how to create plugins please check out the official ice-plugins repository.


Plugin types


  • Prototype - The specification for an IcePanel deployment, stored in a icepanel.yml file.
  • Environment - The runtime instance of an IcePanel deployment (created from a prototype).
  • Designer - The interface for editing a prototype or viewing an environment.
  • IcePack - The file format for storing plugins, an IcePack can contain one or more plugins.

Plugin components

Plugins consist of one or more components which are compiled and executed independently.

  • Backend - Interacts with IcePanel core, one instance per deployed item.
  • Frontend - Runs in the clients browser, one instance per view opened in the browser.